Madison repaved? It’s a miracle!
Madison repaved? It’s a miracle!

Madison repaved? It’s a miracle!

My taxpayer dollars at work.

Signs reading “Fix This Street” sprouted along bumpy Madison in 2006 when City Hall went to voters with record $361 million “Bridging the Gap” transportation property tax levy.

It passed, but the backlog “gap” only seemed to grow. The “Bridging” campaign manager got a cushy six-figure job.

Nothing was done on Madison Street.

The manager resurfaced in 2015 as transportation adviser to Mayor Murray, pushing record $931 million Move Seattle levy.

Signs again sprouted on Madison.

It, too, passed, but multiple streets in East Seattle remained in need of resurfacing. The big outlay of taxpayer bucks was the endless 23rd Avenue mess, a danger to motorists, bicyclists, and — particularly — small minority-owned businesses.

When new apartments went in between 19th & 18th, Madison was messed up, but builder quickly fixed street.

On this day, nearly 14 years after Fix This Street signs went up, I finally experienced a resurfaced Madison Street between 18th and 17th.

I’ll have to find another spot to use as metaphor for delivery of city services.

Took you long enough!

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