The Supreme Court has sanctioned discrimination by the Catholic Church. How should Catholics respond?

As an observant Catholic, I am experiencing mounting sorrow (a phrase coined by Vatican in 1930s) at today’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions on contraception coverage under Obamacare, and right of religious schools to (flout or flaunt) civil rights laws in hiring and firing.

What Would Jesus Do?
What Would Jesus Do?

The Supremes have created a whole new category of legalized discrimination in America. “Religious freedom” is reason for denial of rights.

I’m already reading boilerplate feminist denunciations.

I would prefer, however, to speak of the root cruelty of what’s being legalized. Twice in last seven years, LGBTQ+ faculty have been ousted at high schools under auspices of Archdiocese of Seattle.

At Eastside Catholic and John F. Kennedy, the deed was left to be done by school administration. Hundreds of kids walked out of school, demonstrated and marched on the chancery up on First Hill.

They knew their Gospels, and could find nothing to justify the purgings, and plenty of Jesus’ teachings to the contrary.

The young people have been confronted with icy silence. A diocesan flack has emerged to read statement to the press.

No dialogue with the Archbishop.

No heart-to-heart with protest organizers.

The strategy if the church hierarchy has been to turn a cold shoulder and wait out the protests.

(Archbishop Etienne did meet with JFK faculty and reportedly received an earful.)

Years ago, I was proud when Life Magazine ran full page photo of Louisiana segregationist on knees in front of Archbishop of New Orleans, protesting his decision to desegregate diocesan schools.

How is it that Holy Mother Church can act like such a mother?

The church is so committed to racial justice, and justice for immigrants, but so blind to gender justice and the right to be with one you love.

Already, in this Diocese, leading lay people have warned the insularity and lack of transparency are alienating young believers.

O.K., I’ve sounded off. Suggest you do something about it. I’m renewing long lapsed American Constitution Society membership and joining Alliance for Justice. Silence is consent when it comes to discrimination.