Retired, at last… and free to support a few worthy causes!

The first day of retirement is day of renewed citizenship. I can donate to causes and candidates that I formerly covered.

Two envelopes go out today. One to Nature Conservancy, which I’ve dealt with since Skagit Eagle Sanctuary was created.

Memorable experiences taken home from places they’ve saved, salmon spawning in Ellsworth Creek, eagles taking off from Pt. Disney on Waldron Island . . . and ticks carried home from Moses Coulee.

The second envelope, a donation to Senate campaign of Montana Gov. Steve Bullock. My modest contributions will go to Westerners, committed to conservation and public lands, with competence to govern.

I’ll give to State Senate campaign of Helen Price Johnson, a fine Island County Commissioner, and Representative Derek Kilmer, sponsor of the Wild Olympics bill.

Our two finest state officials, Bob Ferguson and Hilary Franz, will get modest support, though I doubt they need it. Ditto U.S. Senate candidates Mark Kelly and John Hickenlooper.

One peril: I’ll get on lists for email fundraising blasts, wince at those awful “Fight Back” appeals from Senator Murray.

My mother gave to Senate candidate and mail from Democratic Senate Campaign Committee lasted years beyond her death.

I fielded a chatty fundraising message to my sweetie from Representative Brian Baird a couple weeks after she left us.

With every virtuous act, there’s a price to pay.